Overflow 3 review: macOS app launcher doubles as a spacious Dock alternative

There’s only so much room available to cram applications, folders, and documents into the macOS Dock. But don’t worry, there’s a way to add a second dock to your screen that’s even more spacious and powerful than the original. Overflow 3: Visual launcher
Overflow 3 is a popup window where you can stash all the stuff you don’t have room for in the Dock. In addition to folders and files, Overflow works as an application launcher for software you might not use every day but want to be able to access quickly. Although you have the option to show or hide the Dock at all times, Overflow lurks in the background until it’s summoned, either by clicking the menu bar icon or pressing a hot key shortcut of your choice. The sparse, dark-themed window (you can’t customize the look) contains a list of categories at left, with rows of icons on the opposite side representing what is saved there. To read this article in full, please click here