The Apple Watch is a bit of a nag—that's why it's helpful for losing weight

This is part of a series on losing 60 pounds with the help of the Apple Watch. I'm currently 10 pounds down since July 25. In this post we'll talk about the Apple Watch as a weight loss motivator. Ask anyone on the street if they like being nagged, and I’ll bet they’ll tell you no. (In fact, I’d bet many of them would accuse you of nagging on the spot.) So it’s a bit of a shock that so many of us willingly saddle our wrists with the Apple Watch, a device that pesters us relentlessly on the default settings. Here’s a typical day: Leif, you need to stand up more. Leif, you haven’t walked as much today as you normally do. Leif, you have a new email. Leif, dammit, you need to Breathe . Describe these interactions in terms of people, and you’re probably dealing with a toxic relationship. To read this article in full, please click here