Today Just May Be The End of Jeff Sessions, Mueller Has a Bombshell Indictment Coming

Jeff Sessions just might be on his way out the door as we speak. His time as Attorney General may end very abruptly given the recent news that strongly suggests he will be fired or resign within the week.
It became crystal clear just days ago that Sessions knew about Trump’s campaign workers colluding with Russia and he’s lied about it numerous times – under oath mind you – but it’s finally caught up to him.
Democrats in Congress believe the reports that he was well aware of the collusion and they are trying to decide if it’s the right time to force him out. They’ve collectively been publicly calling for his resignation on social media and on news outlets across the country, and they are now bringing him in to testify on Tuesday about these revelations in the Trump-Russia scandal.
Sessions’ only option is going to be to resign or have Trump “mercy fire” him to get him out of it.
For awhile, everyone thought that Trump would fire Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein so he could appoint someone else who would fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but that is clearly not even an option for him at this point. It appears that everyone on Capitol Hill, Republicans and Democrats alike, want to see this Mueller investigation through.
Republicans aren’t even trying to protect Jeff Sessions at this point. If they were, there’s no way they would allow Democrats to haul him in for a damaging public Trump-Russia testimony. They didn’t even put up a fight to stop it.
It’s not overly difficult to see that after numerous devastating election losses on Tuesday, Republicans see the writing on the wall for their party and for their jobs. The GOP looks as if they have decided to let the Democrats finish Trump off, which logically starts with Jeff Sessions.
We could very well be just days away from seeing Jeff Sessions resign.
Jeff Sessions’ most recent trouble comes from his previous relationship in a supervisory role with George Papadopoulos and because of Papadopoulos’ guilty plea and confession to the grand jury in Robert Mueller’s investigation, Sessions is likely in deeper trouble than anyone else in the entire Trump administration. For now, anyway.
Papadopoulos clearly stated in his confession that Paul Manafort and Sam Clovis had both given him clearance to conspire with the Russian government to try get his hands on stolen email from Hillary Clinton.
Papadopoulos then went on to claim that Jeff Sessions was fully aware of the discussion and was in the meeting, along with others in the room. Therefore, Jeff Sessions will not be able to say he wasn’t there, because there are way too many witnesses.
Jeff Sessions’ only play here is to claim he was oblivious as to what was being discussed, because he didn’t know Papadopoulos and didn’t  pay attention to what a “low level” adviser way saying, which is a defense that just blew up in his him face.
Bill Palmer points out:
When Jeff Sessions held a dinner for a number of Trump campaign advisers, he had George Papadopoulos sit right next to him, according to a Washington Post report ( link ). This makes clear that Sessions not only knew Papadopoulos, but considered him to be one of the most important Trump campaign advisers. It means Sessions would have been fully engaged during the meeting where Papadopoulos sought clearance for his Russian conspiracy meeting.
There’s no way Jeff Sessions can say he didn’t know full well what campaign a underling was seeking approval to pull off, which, as we now know, was to get approval to conspire with the Russian government to get Hillary’s stolen emails.
At the very least, Jeff Sessions allowed it to happen by not trying to stop it. An argument can be made that this makes him guilty of conspiracy to steal property with the assistance of a foreign government, but there are number of ways Robert Mueller can nail him for it.
This is all in addition to Sessions’ perjury when claimed under oath that he was not aware of any Trump advisers meeting with the Russians. Robert Mueller has a TON to choose from as to the route he wants to take to get Jeff Sessions to flip.
Knowing that your subordinate is a traitor kind of makes you a traitor too, doesn’t it?
Surely, of all people, the Attorney General of the United States would know that, too.  Of course he knows. He’s playing dumb, but he knows. And just like his boss who lives over on Pennsylvania Avenue (when he’s not golfing, of course), he’s scared to death of what’s coming when Mueller drops another bomb on Trump’s inner circle.
But it get’s potentially worse for Jeff Sessions…
The labeling of Paul Manafort’s indictments (as you’ll see listed below) read as though there’s another sealed indictment coming and this one is going to be against someone higher up the food chain, as in at the very top of the food chain.
Kierán Suckling‏ of the Center for Biological Diversity pointed out that the Manafort-Gates indictment is labeled “Indictment (B).” That means there’s an “Indictment (A)” and that would mean it’s against someone more high profile than Manafort, which is a very short list of people.
On top of that it’s sealed, now why would it be sealed? Maybe because it’s for the current President of the United States, but there are two other possibilities.

George Papadopoulos, Trump’s former campaign adviser, has also been indicted, but he’s not “Indictment (A)”, because his had an entirely different case number.
It’s also not Michael Flynn, because he’s being investigated in a different district and he’s not more senior than Manafort, so Flynn can’t be “Indictment (A)” either.
**The only people higher up than Manafort are Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence and Donald Trump.
Robert Mueller knows exactly what he’s doing every step of the way in his investigation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mueller spring into action on Jeff Sessions after he gives his testimony on Tuesday.

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