Paul Ryan Hit with Fraud and Obstruction, Papers Filed By Democratic Coalition

The Democratic Coalition made a big move heading into the weekend. According to Scott Dworkin’s twitter the Coalition has moved to finally deal with Paul Ryan directly.

The Democratic Coalition will not rest until they help take down Trump and his corrupt team. Here’s their entire recent complaint in Nunes:

“On June 2, 2017, the Democratic Coalition submitted a request to the Office of Congressional ethics of the US House of Rep asking that they investigated Rep Devin Gerald Nunes for obstruction of justice for failing to recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. election and unilaterally issuing subpoenas without notifying fellow House members on the committee.”
The timeline of events show that on April 6, Rep. Nunes issued as statement recusing himself. On June 1, the Democratic Coalition says Rep. Nunes remained involved and a “powerful force” in the House Intel Committee’s investigations of Russian interference.
“Rep. Nunes ignored his promise for self-recusal by issuing subpoenas without informing Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee. Move blatantly disregards his recusal promise but also violates House rules which requires committee members be informed before subpoenas are issued.”

Here is the the complaint against Paul Ryan:

“Also on June 1, 2017, Speaker Ryan, through his spokesperson, stood behind this abuse of power and misconduct. By allowing Nunes to retain the chairmanship, and the power to issue these subpoenas, the Speaker has failed to protect the integrity of the House Intelligence Committee and the purity of the investigation it is leading.”
Let’s hope the Coalition stays vigilant and doesn’t back down. The more people stirring up the pot, the better.
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