How to remove Snapz Pro in macOS Sierra

While I’m not sure of the installed base of Snapz Pro, to judge by the email I’ve received and Twitter comments about it since macOS Sierra shipped, a reasonable number of people installed it at some point in the past, as previous releases don’t interact well with Sierra. Coupled with this, the removal instructions on Ambrosia Software’s Web site, a firm that isn’t releasing new software, but continues to put out compatibility upgrades of Snapz Pro, refers to a 2012 uninstaller app that no longer helps.
The Snapz Pro app lets you grab a picture of your screen, which is useful when writing articles and books explaining technology, creating a presentation or tutorial in a company or school to show the steps to carry out, or trying to help a friend or relative understand which button to click. The app is much loved because it appeared way back when it was hard to grab rectangles and elements from your screen, like just a menu or a window or a selection. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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